3D Baby's Head Teaching Ultrasound Phantom

3D Baby's Head Teaching Ultrasound Phantom<br />ATS 3DBH
Item# ATS-3DBH

Product Description

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General Model 3DBH
Overall Dimensions 22 x 20 x 12cm *
Weight 4.7 Kg*
Scan Surfaces 3
Warranty Lifetime
*Approximate measurements

Tissue Mimicking Material
Type Urethane Rubber
Freezing Point < -40°C
Melting Point > 100°C
Attenuation Coefficient Background 0.5 dB/cm/MHz ± 5.0
Speed of Sound 1450 m/s ±1.0% at 23°
Contrast relative to background material +15 dB

ATS Laboratories’ 3D (three dimensional) Model 3DBH 3D Full Baby phantom has been specifically designed to provide the user with a scanning demonstration device for 3D surface contour rendering and 3D reconstruction. The estimate fetal gestational age is between 36-40 weeks.

These Model 3DBH is manufactured using our rubber based tissue-mimicking material. This TM material insures durability, acoustically stability, accuracy and the optimum in design flexibility.

Care of the Rubber-Based Phantom

For best results the phantom should be kept clean at all times. In particular a build-up of dried coupling gel on the scan surface should be avoided. The phantom may be cleaned with mild hand soap and warm water. Particularly stubborn stains and dirt may be removed with a mild household cleaner. The use of petroleum solvents should be avoided since they may adversely react with the rubber-based material.

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