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Prostate Training Phantom - CIRS 070S & 070L
Prostate Training Phantom - CIRS 070S & 070L
Item# CIRS-070S-070L
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Product Description

The Model 070S and 070L is a realistic and durable prostate training phantom for both diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Enhanced realism has been achieved with a Zerdine® gel formulation that better simulates the ultrasound contrast between the prostate and background tissue. The gel formulations provide CT, MR and elastography contrast for multi-modality imaging. CIRS' proprietary Z-Skin™ formulation more accurately simulates the rectal wall, providing a more realistic scanning environment.

Z-Skin™ provides perineal access for interventional procedures, and closes up on itself after it is punctured so that the Zerdine® gel inside the phantom is not exposed to air during scanning. Minimal air exposure better protects the gel from drying out, thus increasing the phantom's useful life. In addition, Z-Skin™ is extremely stretchable and will protect the gel inside the phantom from tearing when the rectal probe is manipulated at severe angles. The phantom accommodates both end-fire and side-fire ultrasound transducers. Zerdine® is specially formulated to minimize tearing when punctured, providing a self-healing capability that dramatically extends the life of the phantom during interventional procedures.

The phantom is available in two configurations: one with embedded lesions (Model 070L - $597), and one without embedded lesions (Model 070S - $561).

  • Includes rectal wall, seminal vesicles, perineal membrane and urethra
  • Enhanced realism available with the inclusion of a bladder, plus digitally modeled prostate gland and seminal vesicles
  • Phantom available with and without lesions
  • Train for ultrasound-guided seed implantation, cryosurgery and needle biopsy in one phantom
  • Compatible with various probes and surgical tools

CIRS 070S & 070L Ultrasound Image 1

CIRS 070S & 070L Ultrasound Image 2

Container Dimensions: 9 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 2 lbs
Probe opening: 12 mm
Perineal Membrane Material: Z-Skin™
Background Gel Standard Ultrasound background
0dB with respect to liver reference
Urethra Dimensions: 0.7 cm Ø
Material: Zerdine®(1), anechoic
Seminal Vesicles Dimensions: 7 mm Ø x 10 cm long
Material: Zerdine®, hypoechoic with respect to background
Prostate Hypoechoic with respect to background
35 cc Digitally Modeled with seminal vesicles and bladder
Model 070L: Embedded lesions
Model 070S: No lesions
Rectal Wall Material: Z-Skin™