The Boomerang

The Boomerang
Item# FI-01
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Product Description

  • The first compensating filter used next to the patient
  • Avoid overexposure of subtle peripheral lesions
  • Opaque chain incorporated at the periphery, always beyond the skin
  • Adheres vertically with very little pressure
  • Resists alcohol, Zephiran® and heat

    Used for:
  • Shoulder
  • Lower Maxilla
  • D-1 to D-3
  • Rotule
  • Cephalometry
  • Superficial Bone Lesion
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Regular Boomerang

L29 x W19 x H4.5 cm
approx 1.2 kg


Boomerang with incorporated Velcro


Chainless Boomerang
*The filter may cause artifacts in images. This filter does not have the chain. The purpose of the chain is to indicate where the filter is, to help prevent mis-diagnosis. We strongly recommend the filter with the chain.*


Boomerang 15"

L21 x W7 x H3.3 cm


Must be used only by qualified personnel, according to appropriate procedures, and under the responsibility of a physician.

OCTOSTOP® Inc. and its personnel do not assume any liability regarding the use, indications, consequences, or any situation directly or indirectly related to its products.

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