Deluxe Full Spine Filter Set

Deluxe Full Spine Filter Set
Item# 57-445
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Product Description

Deluxe Full Spine Compensation Filter Set is made of a lead-plastic material that is 30% lead by weight. Since lead is an efficient absorber of x-rays, the filters will attenuate the x-ray beam. By varying the shape and thickness of the filters, many combinations of filtering action can be achieved from almost complete attenuation to full penetration.

CLEAR-Pb® Filters should be used with a rare-earth film/screen combination to improve image quality and keep patient exposure to a minimum. CLEAR-Pb® Compensation Filters are not compatible with gradient speed intensifying screens. Consult your film manufacturer for the proper film/screen combination.

Filter Benefits
  • Improve image quality
  • Filters are 30% lead by weight
  • Reduce the need for multiple exposures
  • Ensure a more uniform image density
  • Reduce patient exposure by selectively attenuating the x-ray beam
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Mounts to any collimator
  • Collimator light field is never blocked

57-445 Standard Clear-Pb® Deluxe Full Spine Filter Set
AP/PA and Lateral Filters for use at 40" or 72"
  • AP/PA and Lateral Spine 72"
  • AP & Lateral Thoracic 40" and 72"
  • Lateral Cervical Spine 72"
  • AP Abdominal Erect 40"
  • Lateral Esophagram
  • PA Chest 40" or 72"
  • Skull
  • Ribs
Individual pieces consists of:
AP/PA Wedge Filter 72"
Cervical Lateral Filter
Thoracic Lateral Filter
Adult Gonad Shield
Breast Shields
Filter Holder
Thin Build Up Filter

Thick Build Up Filter
Pediatric Gonad Shield

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