Fetal Ultrasound Training Phantom CIRS 065
20 Week

Fetal Ultrasound Training Phantom CIRS 065<br />20 Week
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Product Description

For 2D, 3D & 4D Ultrasound Applications

This is the 36 Week Model

CIRS Model 065-20 and 065-36 Fetal Ultrasound Phan toms provide a tissue-equivalent and anatomically appropriate model for ultrasonic surface scanning of fetal morphology, enable training and optimization of freehand acquisition techniques, and demonstrate and evaluate manual and automatic 3D ultrasound systems. These phantoms are a low-cost, durable training tool and offer a stress-free user environment.

Both the fetal model and the non-echoic "amniotic fluid" it is suspended in are cast from a tissue-equivalent, elastomeric non-flowing gel. The phantoms realistically mimic fetus size at two gestational ages: 20 weeks (Model 065- 20) and 36 weeks (Model 065-36).

Model 065-20 and Model 065-36 include a nylon transducer cover, user guide and 12-month warranty. An optional custom carry case is also available for both models.

CIRS 065 Ultrasound Scan Image

CIRS 065 Ultrasound Scan Image

Optional Carrying Case ($463)

Model 065-20 Specifications
Dimensions 34.3 cm x 22.9 cm x 17.8 cm
(13.5" x 9" x 7")
Phantom Weight 7.5 kg (20 lbs.)
Housing Materials PVC, ABS & Vinyl
Phantom Materials Proprietary Gels
Background Gel Speed of Sound: 1550 m/s
Contrast: Anechoic
Fetal Soft Tissue Speed of Sound: 1540 m/s
Contrast: Similar to liver parenchyma
Field of View 23 cm x 17 cm x 180°C
Optional Accessories Model 9505: Custom Carry Case
for Full Fetal Phantom - 20 weeks
Phantoms Include Fetal Ultrasound Training Phantom
Nylon Transducer Cover
User Guide
12-Month Warranty*
*Please note: once any device has been inserted into the phantom (such as biopsy needles, localization wires, etc.) the 12 month warranty will not cover claims related to material desiccation or needle tracking.

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