Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom<br />ATS 531
Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom
ATS 531
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Product Description

The Model 531 Gray Scale phantom is designed to evaluate an imaging system’s gray scale processing and displayed dynamic range. The phantom contains 10 levels of contrast target structures relative to the background, ranging from -15 dB to +15 dB. The phantom is constructed of a rubber-based tissue mimicking material. It is contained within two protective outer walls to provide strength and permanence.

The acoustic properties of all biologic and non-biologic materials are affected by temperature variations. Most diagnostic imaging systems and tissue-mimicking phantoms are calibrated at room temperature, commonly referred to as 23°C. To ensure measurement accuracy ATS incorporates a thermometer strip affixed to the outside surface of the phantom.

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Overall Dimensions 25x12x7 cm*
Weight 2 Kg*
Scan Surfaces 2
Scan Surface Dimensions 25 x 7 cm

Tissue Mimicking Material
Type Urethane Rubber
Freezing Point < -40°C
Melting Point > 100°C
Attenuation Coefficient 0.5 dB/cm/MHz ± 5.0%
Speed of Sound 1450 m/s ±1.0% at 23°

Gray Scale Target Structures
Type Echogenic, Cylindrical
Number of Targets 10
Diameters 25 mm
Interval Spacing (center to center) 40 mm
Depth 40 & 80 mm
Contrast relative to background material (dB) -15 to +15

*Nominal Dimensions