Jarion Extremity Cradle & Extremity Positioner

Jarion Extremity Cradle & Extremity Positioner
Item# Jarion

Product Description

The Jarion Extremity Cradle is a revolutionary device designed and developed by two radiology technologists, Fanel Irion, R.T.R. and Gary Jaketic, R.T.R. Lead, to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and comfort in patient care. Originally designed to aid in raising and abducting legs for imaging hip fractures, the Jarion can also help nurses and doctors individually insert Foley catheters, reduce and wrap ankle fractures, and perform pelvic exams quickly and professionally without having to wait for extra staff to hold limbs or moving patients to beds with stirrups.

Jarion Extremity Cradle
Jarion Extremity Positioner
Jarion Extremity Cradle
Jarion Extremity Cradle

For Radiology one of the most challenging images to get good results for is the lateral hip image needed when a patient is going in for hip surgery. Before the Jarion Extremity Cradle was created there was no easy way to properly raise and abduct the unaffected leg in order to obtain this image. The Jarion Extremity Cradle allows safe elevation and abduction of the unaffected leg. The Cradle can be used in diagnostic exam rooms or for postoperative exams in a recovery room with a patient in a stretcher, bed, or x-ray table. The unit is portable, durable, safe, easy to clean, and comfortable for the patient.

For Orthopedics the Jarion Extremity Cradle and the Jarion Extremity Positioner enable doctors to reduce and wrap ankle fractures independently without needing extra personnel just to hold limbs. By placing the Cradle underneath the heel of the patientís injured foot and the Positioner against the patient's thigh just under the knee, a doctor can wrap an ankle fracture while the Jarions hold the patients limb securely.

For Nursing & the Busy ER the Jarion Extremity Cradle is extremely useful because of its portability and ability to assist in performing multiple functions. The Cradle can help nurses insert Foley catheters without extra personnel to hold limbs and then continue high quality patient care by simply sliding the Cradles down to the bottom of the bed to assist with a pelvic exam. The Jarion Extremity Cradle can be used in a variety of procedures and is particularly useful in assisting doctors and nurses when there is not enough staff available to help with a simple procedure.

  • Each can be raised from 12" to 20" in increments of about an inch
  • A simple push button makes it easy to raise and lower each Cradle or Positioner to the right height

Easy to Clean
  • Each device is made of high grade industrial strength stainless steel that is easy to sanitize.
  • No attached pads means that there is less area for bacteria growth.
  • Washcloths, sanitized after each use, can be placed on the Cradle or Positioner to pad the device for patient comfort.

Durable, Strong, & Stable
  • Made of high grade stainless steel with industrial strength welded construction
  • Easily holds over 200lbs
  • The base plate easily slides under the pad of a x-ray table, stretcher, or bed for increased stability
  • Engineered to evenly distribute weight over the plate for maximum stabilization
  • Images taken with a patient being held by the Jarion are successful and clear

  • Lightweight but sturdy, between 7-10lbs
  • Base plate is 12"x16" and the cradle armís tallest points are 18" high at itís lowest adjustable setting making it easy to store

Adaptable for Multiple Procedures
  • Lateral hip images
  • Ankle Fractures
  • Foley catheters
  • Pelvic exams
  • General limb support

Comfortable, Efficient, & Professional
  • Sturdy and easily padded making patients feel comfortable, safe, and secure
  • Allows doctors, nurses, & radiologists to perform procedures safely, quickly, and independently
  • Designed for professional appearance to maximize patient comfort and professionalsí technical efficiency
  • Enables compromised patients to receive secure, high quality care and imaging