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Near Field Ultrasound Phantom<br />CIRS 050
Near Field Ultrasound Phantom
CIRS 050
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Product Description

The CIRS series of ultrasound phantoms, unlike human subjects or random scannable materials, offers a reliable medium which contains specific, known test objects for repeatable qualitative assessment of ultra sound scanner performance over time.

At normal or room temperatures the Zerdine®(1) material found in the Near Field phantom will accurately simulate the ultrasound characteristics found in human tissue.

The Model 050 has a series of wire targets that will appear as bright dots or lines on the ultrasound image. These targets are made from nylon wire with a diameter of 0.10 mm and a positional accuracy of 0.2 mm. There are also two known volumes, a 10 mm anechoic/+15 dB mass and anechoic focal lesions embedded within the phantom. These "masses" are made from Zerdine® that has a different contrast and attenuation relative to the background material.

The Model 050 was designed to allow for assessment of uniformity, dead zone, depth of penetration, beam profile/focal zone/lateral response width, vertical distance measurement accuracy, axial resolution, lateral resolution, anechoic masses, high contrast masses, volumetric measurement accuracy, and focal lesion detectability.

    Model 050 Specifications:

  • Material: Zerdine®(1), solid elastic water-based
  • Polymer Freezing Point: 00 C Melting Point: Above 1000 C
  • Speed of Sound: 1540 m/s
  • Scanning Well: 165 mm X 100 mm X 1.5 cm
  • Scanning Membrane: Saran-based laminate

  • Material: Nylon Wire
  • Diameter: 0.1 mm

    Vertical Plane Targets:
  • Depth Range: 8 cm
  • Spacing: 1 cm

    Resolution Targets:
  • Number of Arrays: 2

    Ring Down Target:
  • 1 mm to 10 mm

    Volumetric Test Object:
  • Calibrated asymmetric shape 7 cc and 21 cc

    Spherical Cysts:
  • Diameter: 5 mm, 3 mm Random Distribution.

    High Contrast/Cystic:
  • Cylinder: Diameter 10 mm
  • Depth: 1.0 cm
  • Contrast: HSdB/anechoic
  • Depths: 1.5 cm and 2 cm
  • Axial Intervals: 0.5, 1 , 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm
  • Horizontal Intervals: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm

Phantom comes with detachable scanning wells to accommodate large sector probes and small endocavity probes. It is packaged in a hermetically sealed, air tight, rugged carrying case.