OCTOSTOP® GENTLE SLOPE® X-Ray Compensating Filter

OCTOSTOP<sup>&reg;</sup> GENTLE SLOPE<sup>&reg;</sup> X-Ray Compensating Filter
Item# FI-03

Product Description

Hands on Filter Pliable - Washable

Twice the density of Muscle
Feet on Filter
Hand X-ray Image Finger and toes are much thinner than the wrist and back of the foot. It would be a miracle to find a technique suitable to such variations in thickness. These are precisely the marvels that the GENTLE SLOPE allows. Cassette and filter become inseparable. Foot X-ray Image
  Feet on Filter  


L30 x W17 x H2.3 cm approx.; 800 g.

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Must be used only by qualified personnel, according to appropriate procedures, and under the responsibility of a physician.

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