The Ideal Training Device for Image-Guided Procedures

Prostate Training Phantom - CIRS 070L
Prostate Training Phantom - CIRS 070L
Item# CIRS-070L
Include 070L-035: 

Product Description

The Model 070L is a realistic and durable prostate training phantom for both diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Enhanced realism has been achieved with a Zerdine® gel formulation that better simulates the ultrasound contrast between the prostate and background tissue. The gel formulations provide CT, MR and elastography contrast for multi-modality imaging. CIRS' proprietary Z-Skin™ formulation more accurately simulates the rectal wall, providing a more realistic scanning environment.

Z-Skin™ provides perineal access for interventional procedures, and closes up on itself after it is punctured so that the Zerdine® gel inside the phantom is not exposed to air during scanning. Minimal air exposure better protects the gel from drying out, thus increasing the phantom's useful life. In addition, Z-Skin is extremely stretchable and will protect the gel inside the phantom from tearing when the rectal probe is manipulated at severe angles. The phantom accommodates both end-fire and side-fire ultrasound transducers. Zerdine® is specially formulated to minimize tearing when punctured, providing a self-healing capability that dramatically extends the life of the phantom during interventional procedures.

The phantom contains embedded lesions. For users interested in image fusion studies, the phantom can be purchased as a kit to include a serial-number specific CT DICOM Data set for reference.

  • Includes bladder rectal wall, perineal membrane and urethra plus digitally modeled prostate gland and seminal vesicles.
  • Phantom contains lesions
  • Train for ultrasound-guided seed implantation, cryosurgery and needle biopsy in one phantom

CIRS 070L Ultrasound Image 1

CIRS 070L Ultrasound Image 2

Container Dimensions: 9 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 2 lbs
Probe opening: 12 mm
Perineal Membrane Material: Z-Skin™
Background Gel Standard Ultrasound background
0dB with respect to liver reference
Urethra Dimensions: 0.7 cm Ø
Material: Zerdine®(1), anechoic
Seminal Vesicles Dimensions: 7 mm Ø x 10 cm long
Material: Zerdine®, hypoechoic with respect to background
Prostate Hypoechoic with respect to background
35 cc Digitally Modeled with seminal vesicles and bladder
Model 070L: Embedded lesions
Rectal Wall Material: Z-Skin™
Model 070L Includes
  • Tissue-Equivalent Prostate Phantom
  • User Guide
  • 12-Month Warranty
Model 070L Kit Options 070L-035: Includes all parts from standard Model 070, CT DICOM Data Set(2)
(Serial number specific, 1.5 mm slice) thickness @ 120 kvp
(1) US Patent # 5196343

(2) DICOM Images are provided with a free DICOM reader (Onis 2.6). If using alternate software to read the images, please notify CIRS of any special requirements for making the data compatible with your software. For instance, some programs include special checks of the DICOM header file or the DICOM directory when loading the image data set.