Consistent Arteriography of Lower Extremities

Ridges Internal Rotation<sup>&reg;</sup> by Octostop<sup>&reg;</sup>
These are superb compensating filters, specially designed for digital arteriography of the lower extremities in internal rotation, including the feet. They make for much more homogeneous density up to a width of 35 cm, thereby avoiding saturated signals that cause halation. Moreover, during bilateral examinations, the central sensors of a large fluoroscope are able to select technical factors that are reliably applicable to the periphery. Finally, these ridges contribute greatly to immobilization. Here are a number of helpful suggestions.

Item# Description Length Width Height Weight
FI-10 Internal Rotation Ridges **Complete Set** 27" 11" 10" 26.8lb
Individual Filters for Internal Ridges
FI-10A Inter-Thigh Filter w/ Ruler 9" 13" 2" 4.4lb
FI-10B Main Inter-Leg Filters (2)

Main Filter w/ Ruler

Accessory Filter
27" 11" 10" 11lb


FI-10C Triangular Filters set (2) 9" 13" 2" 3.3lb
ST-05 Velcro Straps for Ridges

1-60x5cm, 1-90x5cm
10" 6" 1" 0.02lb