Super Lightweight Support Buckle™ Aprons

Super Lightweight<br>Support Buckle&trade; Apron
Super Lightweight
Support Buckle™ Apron
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Product Description

Our Support Buckle™ Apron's special design places support where you need it, directly at your lower back area. This back-support effectively transfers most of the apron's weight to your hips, providing a comfortable and effective back support apron that greatly reduces fatigue.

Super Lightweight X-BAN® Lead Equivalent protective Aprons are manufactured using X-BAN® a special synthetic composite protective material that offers up to 8 to 10 times the dimensional strength and durability of lead vinyl. An advanced metallic deposition technique places lead and other materials in suspension, creating a lighter weight optimized protective apron material while averaging a weight improvement that is 30% lighter than conventional lead vinyl aprons. To our knowledge, no apron in the industry is lighter in weight while providing the same protection. Click here to see the Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

*The No Lead Substitute is an additional $44

Sizing Your Aprons
AADCO Apron Size Chart

Custom Color Options

Use of the Color Chart

When ordering an apron in a custom color from this chart, append the color letter to the end of any order number of the desired apron size and style. The "color letter" for each color is directly next to the color name in parenthesis. Example: Navy (N)
If you wish to order an LP-203 but would like it in navy, you must order a LP-203N.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Please Note: Custom Color Aprons are Non-returnable.

Standard color is Blue. There is no return on custom colors. Please double check your selection before ordering.

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