Super Lightweight Thyroid Shields

Super Lightweight Thyroid Shields
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Product Description

Model: LP-800
Cost: $125

  • Neck & Thyroid
  • Sizes:
    Regular - up to 16-1/2" neck.
  • 100% Black Nylon Urethane Coated Cover

Model: LP-801
Cost: $130

  • Neck & Thyroid
  • Sizes:
    Large for 17" neck & over
  • 100% Black Nylon Urethane Coated Cover
Model: LP-802
Cost: $145

  • Comfortable flare design
  • .5mm protection
  • One size fits all
  • 100% Burgundy Nylon Cover

With the purchase of a Thyroid Shield, add discounted Thyroid Liners ($20 each pack, 30 liners in each pack)

Thyroid Shield Liners

Sold in Boxes of 30.

Your Thyroid Shield is the most difficult item to keep dry and clean. Because it comes in direct contact with your skin, perspiration can cause chaffing, rashes, and unsanitary conditions, especially if you share your shield with others.

Our Soft-&-Clean™ Disposable Thyroid Shield Liners are made of a super-soft fiber material. This inexpensive "soft feel" liner adheres easily to your existing thyroid shield with two self stick tabs and because it is value priced, a new cover can be used after each procedure.

Easy to put on. Simply lay the inside of your thyroid shield on top of the liner, so that the end of the slit between the 2 tabs is at the center of the neck edge of the shield, as shown. Then strip the backing off the self stick tape on each tab, fold over, stick down and put your thyroid shield on.